Rallim Talks Virtual Open Day

It's been 18 months since the world was turned upside down! Although it's been a really difficult period for everyone, we have remained resilient and have adapted to a new way of doing things.

At Rallim, adapting has now become second nature. Whilst it can be challenging at times, we always remain true to what we are about, empowering and equipping our students with the tools needed to ready them for the world of tomorrow. This new world has also been our teacher… showing us what we can achieve success no matter what is thrown at us.
When we talk about adapting, we also talk about the onsite Open Days we all know and really miss.

We love welcoming prospective families to Rallim to experience in person everything that we have to offer! With this in mind, Rallim will be adopting a ‘blended’ approach by hosting both an online and an onsite Open Day on Saturday 11th September 2021.

We had a lot of fun with last year’s virtual one and the feedback was simply incredible. For 2021, we want to make it an even more personal experience. To achieve this, many of our wonderful edumentors will be in the ‘hot seat’ with our host, Kate Shepherd.
Viewers will have the chance to get to ‘virtually’ know some of our edumentors and students as well as having the opportunity to visit our dynamic modern learning environment too!

Please make your booking on the attached schedule for an onsite tour.

Should you have any questions you would like answered beforehand, please email our admissions team directly on: admissions@rallim.org.za

Thanks and see you soon!

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