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Technology Hub

Our Overall Approach

A journey through our Technology Hub is an exploration into the multi-faceted world of Robotics and Mechatronics, Programming, Virtual and Augmented Reality. Our technological environment makes possible a transformation into a learning space where interdisciplinary experiences become more meaningful and exciting through the use of iPads and MacBooks.

Robotics lessons include programming with the Mindstorms EV3 robot; Wedo2 robot as well as Sphero Bolt (robotics ball). Other aspects of programming that are included in the curriculum include coding with Scratch junior; Swift Playgrounds and XCode. Arduino Uno, an extension of the Robotics also known as Mechatronics will encourage students to explore the world of engineering through a combination of electrical and mechanical systems.

The wonderful world of Virtual and Augmented Reality as seen through the lens of 3D headsets makes the experience in the Technology Hub an unforgettable one. Prepare to be WOWED!



Technology Hub
Pre-preparatory approach

The Reggio Emilia-inspired approach in the Pre-Prep de-emphasises the utilisation of technology in this phase although our portable bank of iPads is frequently used for the documentation of our children’s progress. However, the fundamentals of coding are formally introduced in our Grade 0 learning communities as detailed below.

Robotics in the Pre-Preparatory phase is a ‘hands on’ approach to learning, where students build and design simple mechanisms from their environment whilst ‘learning through play’ with Lego Simple Machines. Whilst building activities range from spinning tops to racing cars, skills learnt involve an integration of Mathematics, Science and Linguistics.

Coding skills are promoted through the use of the Sphero Bolt - a robotic ball that can be programmed to manoeuvre through specific paths, whilst displaying colour and sound effects. Coding lessons enhance logical and problem solving skills. Spheros are also used to investigate other the effects of other concepts like speed, direction and balance.


Technology Hub
preparatory approach

In the Junior Preparatory phase, Robotics and Coding fosters a culture of collaboration and teamwork, critical thinking as well as problem solving amongst students during their Lego Simple Machines, Lego Wedo 2 and Sphero Bolt lessons. Robotics lessons build on simple engineering principles whilst promoting an interactive scientific and creative learning experience.

Students are also introduced to other coding languages like Code Spark and Scratch Junior where logic and coding concepts are enhanced.

In the Senior Preparatory phase, Robotics and Coding extends on the principles of coding and computational thinking already covered in earlier grades. The use of EV3 Robotics explores the application of autonomous robots. Robots are built with specific motors and sensors and coded according to Engineering principles to promote its functionality. Through the use of computational thinking, students learn to solve more complex problems systematically.

Arduino, an electronics platform which involve the use sensors, motors, switches, inputs and outputs, takes the world of Robotics to another level. Its application is integrated with Robotics and Science lessons.