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Sports Hub

Our Overall Approach

Aligning with our transformative and individualised academic approach, the Rallim sports centre also offers a customised approach to sport with its reduced student-coach ratio of 13:1 through the use of its tertiary education students from the learnership programme and ultimately the teacher training centre. At Rallim, we provide the opportunity for students to participate with enthusiasm and commitment in one or more sporting pursuits of their choice. Interclan activities are held in all seasonal sports on an annual basis with the emphasis on the demonstration of the principles of good sportsmanship, participation and teamwork. Teams are entered into leagues in all the local competitive sports namely rugby, cricket, hockey, soccer, netball, tennis, athletics and cross country. There is a commitment by our learning community to maintain a healthy balance between competitiveness and striving for excellence.

Rallim runs a long-term athletic strategy through four stages. This sports structure works together through planned stages with the ultimate vision of keeping our athletes active for life.

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Sports Hub
Pre-preparatory approach

The adaptation of the Long Term Athlete Development Programme emphasises our Gross Motor Development Programme from Grades 000 to Grade 0. We have designed five codes, one for each day of the week, which are focused on the fundamental components of fitness in preparing our little ones for sport in the Preparatory, as well as for building confidence, promoting activity, skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. By working on the core, general movement co-ordination and introducing different sports, we believe we will be giving our Rallim athletes the best possible start to foster a love for becoming lifelong active citizens.

Our children make use of the Gross Motor Development Hub as well as the Sport and Exercise Education arena for the aforementioned activities


Sports Hub
preparatory approach

Our Prep comprises our second and third stage in our sports programme.

Stage 2: The Grade 1 and 2 athletes have the opportunity to register for sport specific codes whereby there is a targeted focus is on building the skills required for the sport, which will build confidence for competition for when our athletes enter the third stage. Our skills focus is aimed to be taught at a high intensity, maximising the time in lessons and keeping our athletes interested.

Stage 3: From Grades 3 to 6, our athletes are introduced to external competition. This is an opportunity for our athletes to explore their skills taught and to enjoy healthy competition.

Stage 4 is for our secondary faculty which will involve specialising at sport. Competition becomes more of a focus. Stage 1 to 3 builds the athletes foundation for high school success.