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Would a child qualify for university exemption having gone through system?

We follow the national curriculum with the National Senior Certificate as our exit examination which qualifies our students for entry into the university of their choice.

What are the homework policies?

Aligning with our premise that students work at different rates, homework is provided according to consolidation or extension purposes. We operate according to the principle of relevancy.

When will the high school be opening?

Our secondary faculty will be opening in 2021.

Will my child adapt to another school if we need to move?

With our fostering of the 21st Century skills, we are preparing our students for their adaptation to any environment.

What is the admissions process?

Upon an expression of interest either telephonically or in the written form, an appointment and tour of our facilities with the Executive Head is scheduled. Thereafter a baseline and learning styles assessment is conducted on students from Grade 1 upwards with a personal interview being arranged for younger children. Enrolment is subject to availability and whether placement best suits the needs of the individual child. It is also subject to certain conditions of enrolment as specified on our admissions form.

What is the security like at Rallim?

We have 24 hour manned security with CCTV cameras and access control in place.

What are the discipline policies?

We subscribe to a positive discipline policy in which the principle of restorative justice is honoured. We believe that the realignment of a student needs to be meaningful and of value.

How will you attract the best teachers?

We are fortunate to have been inundated with numerous applications for teachers to be a part of our dynamic new learning environment thereby allowing us to ‘handpick’ our edumentors. The selection process is rigorous with individual and panel interviews as well as the profiling of each prospective applicants’ specific teaching style in the form of demonstration lessons.